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Scalpel At The Cross

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Missions Coordinator

Scalpel At The Cross is a medical organization serving the orthopaedic clinical and surgical needs of the impoverished people of Pucallpa, Peru. Our desire is to utilize our knowledge, talents, and abilities to serve the at-risk and under-privileged. In Pucallpa and the surrounding Amazon area, our connection with the Christian missionaries in the area has led us to realize the dramatic need for orthopaedic services and supplies. Through the organization of short-term medical aid trips, we are able to offer surgical care to those with orthopaedic injuries who otherwise would be unable to access such care. Typical injuries result from falls, motto-taxi accidents, and jungle mishaps. Injuries left untreated or under-treated lead to physical handicap which can limit or prevent an individual from being able to perform the manual labor needed to sustain themselves or a family in this largely agrarian society. Since our first organized medical campaign trip in 2005, Scalpel At The Cross has completed a total of 11 trips, hosting 128 team members and caring for more than 1,000 patients clinically and surgically.

Support received from FOR Foundation has been instrumental in the growth and development of the Scalpel At The Cross work. First in 2008, Hope for the Future contributed substantially to the construction of a clinic facility in the Amazon Jungle near Pucallpa. The now completed clinic building houses patient exam rooms, an office and storage space for medical supplies, as well as a conference hall. The latter is being used for organization team meetings or meetings with local dignitaries such as the Chief of Surgery from Hospital Regional de Pucallpa, for example. Future medical education conferences are also planned for this facility.

Votre texte ici!Secondly, in 2009, FOR Foundation supported the Scalpel At The Cross Patient Follow-up Program which is run by our Peruvian Medical Director, Dr. Rosa Escudero. An important part of providing healthcare and surgical services is follow-up care. One can imagine, in the situation of a developing country with limited resources, that follow-up care would be essentially non-existent. Following surgical care, our established follow-up process leads Dra. Escudero to see each patient 4 times through their recovery, up to 9 months following surgery. During each of these follow-up visits, Dra. Escudero removes sutures and splints as necessary, obtains follow-up x-rays, and evaluates the patients healing and physical function. We are thus able to ensure the best possible recovery for our patients from their orthopaedic surgeries. We also request and receive donated items such as crutches, braces, vitamins, dietary supplements, pain and fever medication and antibiotics to provide as needed to our patients.

The passion of Scalpel At The Cross is to connect volunteer medical and non-medical team members with patients, specifically the disadvantaged and vulnerable people of Peru, who would not otherwise have access to needed medical care. We want these special people to know through these contacts that we care deeply about them and they have friends forever in the volunteers and staff of Scalpel At The Cross. Support received for the Follow-up Care program from FOR Foundation has resulted in personal impact in the lives of many patients who have been helped to recover from debilitating injuries.

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