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Béatrice Beauverd

Director - Socio-therapist

In partnership with FOR, Le SAS has taken off.

25 % of the European population is affected by consequences of trauma related to everyday life1. Phobia, existential fears, stress, loss of reference points, relational issues are just some of the resultant issues.

The figure is below reality, if we take into consideration war effects, road accidents and population displacements.

The PTSD impact (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder), a real gangrene for society, is the weakening of identity and creative abilities, not only on a personal scale, but for the whole nation.

The tremendous investment of FOR has enabled us to fulfill the three following objectives.

An operational administration framework:

  • The collaboration with a financial officer for accounting and insurance management
  • An administrative assistant part-time (60 %);

The overhaul of Le SAS’ image:

  • A more efficient team
  • A concept of care in four keys
  • Five new types of communication media
  • A larger and more cohesive, empowered team;

Le SAS has opened itself to the outside world:

  • Conferences in Switzerland and abroad
  • An expanded facility
  • A training center in sociotherapy under construction
  • Several new therapeutic workshops being developed
  • An upcoming monthly newsletter.

We are very thankful for FOR’s investment, which has allowed us to guarantee a better future to those who rely on the SAS and their families.

Numerous people witness to it.

A young mother: « Do you know the joy I am experiencing? I am feeling myself actually live, I have genuine and good relationships everywhere and my projects do not fall apart before they even come out. Life is real and really livable and good. » A.G.

A 40-year old man, after several sessions: « I slept for the first time WITHOUT FEAR. » P.D.

Parents of an 8-year-old girl, filled with terror of death, after several sessions: « Our Stessy is able to enjoy her life as a child at last. She is relaxed, so well, so happy to feel better. Thanks to the SAS team. » C. et F.M.

Parents with one child, after couple sessions: « Eventually, after several years of fights, we are achieving loving each other. We are discovering that we complete each other; acknowledging the other one and affirming oneself, two vital requirements. » M. et N.S.

A 40-year-old woman: « Thinking back on the SAS, at first, I was not convinced on the method’s purpose and efficiency at all. After the last session, I felt light as a feather and full of joy and laughs. » J.U.

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1 « airlock » in French.

2 Dr. Jackie Gordon, psychiatrist, United-Kingdom.


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