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Oasis Kirghizstan

Thirza Schneider

Directrice des programmes

Four years ago, FOR Foundation helped start Oasis Kyrgyzstan with a significant financial contribution that kept us going long enough until we learned how to raise funds ourselves.

Throughout these past four years, FOR has been an important partner in our work among the most vulnerable here in Kyrgyzstan.

Not only have they continued to contribute to our work on a financial basis, but they have also come alongside us with valuable advice and coaching both in difficult and good times, including giving us some very helpful coaching on fundraising.

Fundraising is a difficult task and writing grant proposals to foundations and big international donor agencies is sometimes very frustrating, not in the least because many of these potential partners only fund specific project expenses and do not want their finances to go towards general costs or salaries.

Votre texte ici!FOR has been a great help and a great partner in that respect over the last few years, regularly filling the gaps in our budget, specifically for general expenses and paying the salaries of our hard-working staff. The funds FOR has provided us with not only paid for staff salaries and important other expenses such as our office rent, but has also been used primarily in our vulnerable youth project.

With the help of FOR we have been able to buy Christmas presents for close to 150 boys in the youth prison and the state-run reform school and provide for much-needed educational material, sports equipment and food on a regular basis for these boys. We are deeply grateful for the partnership we have with FOR.

This partnership has enabled us to bring a new hope for the future to many (formerly) homeless boys here in Kyrgyzstan, who now have a safe place to live and are learning a profession.

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