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Community support in Togo

Essential oils out of their own land!

July 2012 - Company LMC s.a. is witnessing the fruit of its work and of FOR’s investment: on 3 hectares, a plantation of citronella as far as the eye can see, soon ready for harvest in September.

The challenge, for « the house of Citronella », is now to make its unit of extraction productive, which will enable the transformation of citronella into essential oils. 

1. Country: Togo

2. Place of intervention: Where is it?

3. Problems to be solved: the local population is leaving its territory and its fields.

4. FOR’s stakes and mission: to break the cycle of poverty and to promote agriculture in Togo.

5: FOR’s intervention:

  • Socio-economic audit

  • Implementation of microcredit

  • Education of children

  • Professional training

  • Creation of, financial support and coaching for the LMC company (La Maison de la Citronnelle - « The Citronella House »): production of essential oils.

6. The start of FOR’s mission: 2006

7. The assessed duration of FOR’s mission: depending on the outcome and closure of the above projects.

8. Development:

Depending on provision from new partners and donors, FOR Foundation will further implement:

  • Sale of LMC essential oils in Europe

  • Production of hygiene and care products for the population in Togo

  • Economic optimization of crops: production and sale

  • Urbanization of one or two villages, with a church, schools and medical clinics.


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