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The FOR Foundation mission

Coaching FOR prosperity

-> To mobilize experienced entrepreneurs who intervene as sponsors on 3 levels - 3 phases:

Training - supporting - empowering


-> Its approach:

To provide the means – to monitor the project - to make it profitable - to see it last


With its donors and partners, the FOR Foundation intervenes at the most upstream point in a business project through auditing (n°2), or through schooling or professional training (n°3).

In the support process, FOR helps to create the business (n°4) for the beneficiary’s financial independence. From this step on, the ROI (return on investment) has been reached.

The beneficiary has 2 or 3 options (4a, 4b, 4c) to go on. They become wholly independent (4a), or donor as well (5b), and/or partner (5c). This partnership is with the Foundation itself, or with entrepreneurs we choose according to their ethics, their skills and their actual respect of the beneficiary.

The FOR Foundation Funding and Economic Activities

  1. Donations, sponsorship, legacy;
  2. Resources through real estate investments;
  3. Creating and selling manufactured products;
  4. Yielding resources through streamlined enterprises, with established local markets;
  5. Giving the opportunity to enhance the local economy, facilitating transformation and/or production activities.


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