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Drinking water

Access to drinking water: progress are being challenged

World Water Day, on March 22, enabled the important international aid agencies to review the achievements made on access to drinking water… and to point out conflicting information.

Indeed, according to the UN, by 2015 92% of the world's population will have access to improved drinking water, but voices of independent experts arise to call for caution about the supposed progress made. They pointed out a confusion between the terms “drinking water” and “improved water source”. In fact, an important part of the sources of so-called improved water provide dangerous or doubtful-quality water. However, they contribute to increase the statistics on access to drinking water, with pernicious consequences for the people in developing countries: financial resources allocated to the water sector are decreasing, which results in a chain reaction with negative consequences, since access to drinking water and sanitation is a major factor to the improvement of developing countries, especially in matter of education, health and income-generating activities.
And beyond the negative effect on the development of Southern countries, 3.6 million people die annually from diseases related to non-drinking water and to an unsanitary environment.
26.04.2013 10h18

Literacy and Peace

775 million adults still do not know how to read or write

« To get settled in a sustainable way, peace depends on the rise of citizenship through literacy and an open door for everyone to education », declared Ms. Irina Bokova, head of UNESCO at the International Literacy Day, September 8th, 2012.
Despite the progress, 775 million adults (15 and over) still do not know how to read or write; and 497 million, or two thirds of that number, are women.
FOR is convinced that literacy transforms lives by allowing individuals to make well-informed choices, thus providing the means to become or shapers of history.
This is why FOR coaches and invests in projects that focus on the improvement of living conditions of whole villages, and of whole regions, simultaneously focusing on the areas of employment, hygiene, health and education. More in the section « Our Work ».
25.10.2012 15h24

To invest or to coach?

Our vision is to do both, at the same time, and here is why!

According to « the UN Chronicles », one of the major reasons hindering the poor from gettingout of poverty, comes from the fact they cannot get big enough loans to invest in small companies. They do not have access to loans simply because financial institutions consider them as a negative risk. Indeed, often they do not benefit from insurance, or do not possess collateral as a guarantee for the loan.
Receving a donation, or a loan, is therefore the first step to prosperity.
Having practised this principle toward 70 Beninese widows, FOR noticed that without follow-up, some women used this money to meet their family's short term needs. They did not take the opportunity to make the seed money profitable. Others invested in products that did not produce a signficant enough margin to make a profit. Only a small proportion among the beneficiaries knew how to make the most of the investment received to get out of poverty. Coaching makes all the difference. And FOR's vision addresses this need : to make investment at every level!
11.09.2012 10h52

A feasible utopia!

Our failures and our successes in business, our faith in our talents and in humanistic values may provide valuable insight.

From this perspective, the FOR Foundation can be a school of life for others. FOR gathers those with vision for another kind of aid, that is not perceived as welfare or as the intervention of an imperialistic nation. We believe that aid without education and empowerment to create wealth, is futile.

There is no success without a successor: this is why FOR's model for success is founded on the sharing of wealth and talents, between the one who has and the one who has not.
The vision of the FOR foundation is more than a virtual dream: our FOR vision becomes reality each time a partner works with us in the field.

Patrick Berdoz
11.04.2012 00h42

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