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Tentmaker Ministries

Bill Weibel

Patrick Berdoz et Bill Weibel « Thanks to our friends at FOR Foundation for providing just that... hope for the future... to us and the orphans, vulnerable children and caregivers we serve in Africa.

FOR Foundation has been a staunch supporter of our work, providing general operating funds, when they were most needed, to provide food security, safe shelter, access to medical care and educational services to our clients.

Support from FOR Foundation in the form of a sturdy, 4-wheel-drive, off-road vehicle, which enables us to transport children to school, the sick to clinics and to the hospital, as well as to deliver large quantities of food and other goods in difficult terrain, is a true life-line.

4x4, don de FOR foundationIn addition, FOR Foundation has provided other valuable types of non-financial support, such as networking opportunities and advice regarding our operations.

Most importantly though, we value the personal interest the FOR Foundation principals have taken in our projects, investing not only their finance, but their personal time to visit and observe the conditions under which we operate and serve.

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" Pour un don qui crée du résultat! "