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The FOR Foundation Objectives

1. To stop the cycle of poverty:

It is a well-known fact that our society functions in a « market » economy, where the salient objective is to make a profit and where customers are most often viewed as objects of resource for industry.

Thus, the wealthy seek the increase of their wealth, with no thought of sharing their abundance as a viable way to invest.

Our vision of sharing looks like sowing a seed in good soil, so that it is multiplied... 100-fold.

This is why FOR Foundation entrepreneurs are sowing by facilitating education, training, mentoring and sharing to allow those dependent on foreign financial aid, to find financial independence through the creation of local businesses.

2. Donations which yield profit:

Thus, we believe we can do more than provide emergency financial aid: we can train and pass on our know-how, so that it yields profit for those we assist, and indirectly for us. As nature demonstrates, we receive in the same measure as we give.

FOR’s entrepreneurs show, by their experiences, that it is possible to collaborate with those who have the potential and desire to succeed, but lack the finances, knowledge and experience to realize their goals, to break the cycle of poverty and bring into being entities that enhance the social, spiritual, physiological and emotional well-being of individuals and communities.

3. A feasible utopia:

Our failures and our successes in business, our faith in our talents and in humanistic values may provide valuable insight. From this perspective, the FOR Foundation can be a school of life for others.

FOR gathers those with vision for another kind of aid, that is not perceived as welfare or as the intervention of an imperialistic nation. We believe that aid without education and empowerment to create wealth is futile.

There is no success without a successor: this is why FOR’s model for success is founded on the sharing of wealth and talents, between the one who has and the one who has not.

The vision of the FOR foundation is more than a virtual dream: our FOR vision becomes reality each time a partner works with us in the field.


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